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Without prejudice to immagini troie the provisions of Article XV, the above-mentioned States escorte sighioara Parties may terminate this arrangement by notifying all other States Parties thereof.
Maria o Porto Santo o entry/exit fixes To be determined refuelling airfields site location Lisboa International.
Personnel of each State Party taking part in the certification shall have the right to conduct the following activities during the ground examination on the observation aircraft and of each sensor installed on the observation aircraft: (A) confirm that the number and configuration of each.
Once the factors leading to the deviation have ceased to exist, the observation aircraft may, with the permission of the air traffic control authorities, continue the observation flight in accordance with the flight plan.An observation flight that has been prohibited shall not be counted against the" of either State Party.Such changes shall not preclude observation of any point on the entire territory of the observed Party, including areas designated by the observed Party as hazardous airspace in the source specified in Annex I to this Treaty.Such privileges and immunities shall be accorded to designated personnel for the entire period between arrival on and departure from the territory of the observed Party, and thereafter with respect to acts previously performed in the exercise of their official functions.Further phasing in respect of the introduction of additional categories of sensors or improvements to the capabilities of existing categories of sensors shall be addressed by the Open Skies Consultative Commission in accordance with the provisions of Article IV, paragraph 3 concerning such introduction.In the event that the flight representatives exercise their right to operate the sensors pursuant to this paragraph, the observed Party shall not be responsible for any failure or inadequacy in the quality of the data collected by the sensors due to the operation.The immunity from jurisdiction may be waived by the observing Party in those cases when it would impede the course of justice and can be waived without prejudice to this Treaty.Duly certified copies of this Treaty shall be transmitted by the Depositaries to all the States Parties.
The observing Party shall facilitate the inspection in accordance with the procedures specified in Annex D, Section II, paragraphs 7 and 8 to the Treaty.
The convening of a conference pursuant to Articles XV and XVI;.A State Party intending to withdraw shall provide notice of its decision to withdraw to either Depositary at least six months in advance of the date of its intended withdrawal and to all other States Parties.This arrangement shall be deemed to be terminated on the next 31 December following the 60-day period after such notification.The term "sensor" means equipment of a category specified in Article IV, paragraph 1 that is installed on an observation aircraft for use during the conduct of observation flights.The observed Party shall have the right to select and receive a complete first generation duplicate or part thereof, either positive or negative, of the original film negative.The maximum flight distances of observation flights over the territories of each member of the group shall apply.States Parties shall have the right to annotate data collected during an observation flight using either alphanumeric values, or codes to be agreed by the Open Skies Consultative Commission during the period of provisional application.Except as provided for in Article VI, Section I, paragraph 3, no State Party shall be obliged to accept more than one observation flight at any time during the period specified in Article VI, Section I, paragraph 9 of the Treaty.The location, specified in Annex E, Appendix 1, where the conduct of the pre-flight inspection is desired and the date and start time of such pre-flight inspection in accordance with the provisions of Annex F;.Representatives and interpreters shall have the rights and obligations set forth in Annex G to this Treaty.In order to establish the ground resolution of obliquely-installed framing cameras, the line of flight of the observation aircraft shall be parallel to the calibration target at a range such that the image of the calibration target appears in the foreground of the field.The term "ground resolution" means the minimum distance on the ground between two closely located objects distinguishable as separate objects.Personnel of both States Parties on board the observation aircraft shall be immediately informed of all deviations from the flight plan.The first of those consultations, regarding observation flights in the quarter beginning mamma quanto sei troia 1 January of the following year, shall begin promptly following receipt of the notification provided for in paragraph I of this Annex.Notification of the redistribution shall be made immmediately to all third States Parties concerned.